Friday, February 09, 2007

My Television Debut

I remember this. Never thought I'd see a one of these in my lifetime.

At the very end of the footage, the last time the camera pans the audience, you'll see a fan in a red NJ Devils clapping, with a woman waving her hands over her head (in black) and I'm standing right next to her in a sweatshirt and baseball hat, next to my brother on the end of the isle. (at 5 sec. left on the timer)


John MacLean fan said...

okay - I had to watch this several times before I actually "saw" you. Too funny. How in the world did you find this?

ScottBarnes said...

it comes up in the top 5 with most of the NJD searches on YouTube because it's Marty and not many goalies have scored goals.
I recognized the people who have sat next to us first, because they have had season tickets for years.
My father once saw me on TV after I caught a puck (or, I should say after I just barely moved out of the way of a puck that ended up wrapped in my jacket)