Sunday, September 07, 2008

Center Brook (second descent)

This sweet little creek runs into Sandy Brook up along the Massachusetts/Connecticut border. Ted Devoe ran this a couple of years ago with Christian Cook. The water was a little bit higher. It is believed to have been the first descent.

Continuous boogie water and many mid sized drops like this one are typical.
Here is Ted (DragoRossi Gangster), silhouetted by the mid-afternoon September sun, ready to boof into yet another pitch.
Notice the gradient in the background.

Here's a good shot of Dan Greenbaum (Pyranha Micro 230) melting down into a hole. Not everything on this run can be boofed. It requires a good combination of skills to find your way down. "It takes a very steady hand......"

Dan setting up the slide, which leads into your choice of a boof or a slot.

This is the last good boof on the run, about 100 feet above the confluence with Sandy Stream.

Center Brook collects a lot of wood, and only runs after much rain. Fortunately, it runs into Sandy Brook (III/IV), which takes less rain to get going. Hubbard Brook (IV/V)is on the other side of the ridge and also requires less rain. So, if you get skunked at Center Brook, you can always hit up one of these other two gems.

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