Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mad Boy is finally in production

a link to some cool photos (video screen captures) are on Corran's blog

and the official press release is copied below

"One of the reasons it took so long to bring this to market was that we were trying to accomplish two things at once," said designer Corran Addison. "We wanted a river runner that would not paddle like a corky creek boat - something fun and zippy - but we also knew that most people use their river runners as creek boats, and so it had to handle hard class 5 as well as the best full-on creekers. This is much harder to do than it sounds."

All who have tested the Mad Boy say that it does just this. It's fun on class 3-4 runs, but can go head to head with the best of the creekers on the hardest of runs.

"One thing you'll notice instantly is the complete change of outfitting for 2009," Dragorossi marketing director Diego Zanga said. "We have a new lower seat, with a very comfortable seat pad and backband, with adjustable/removable hip pads. The Mad Boy also has a standard style adjustable thigh brace, and a new footbrace thats locked in on aluminum tracks and is adjustable in both width and height, while weighing less than our previous one."

While many swear by the Dragorossi outfitting of the past, it has also been a common complaint of many who like the designs, but are not willing to switch the way they sit and brace into a kayak. These changes are sure to be a welcome one by the larger part of the market for a design like this.

some nice photos

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