Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No need for a kayak

because it's still summer (at least for another week)
see video at bottom of the post

the "Flume" at Bulls Bridge on the Housatonic can give kayakers problems. It is the single largest drop (that is run by most people on a regular basis) in the main part of the section. This is a low level so lots of exposed rocks.

But, since the locals are such lozers, we decided to just forget the boats for a while, flash the lozer sign and drop, head-first into the flume.

The only way to avoid being back flipped and dumped off the tube was to lean forward when hitting the hole (kind of how you run it in a kayak). But, since we were not in kayaks, we pretty much mysteried under the hole with every successful run.

A word of caution:
These guys are all good kayakers and expert watermen (just look at them, you can tell they are!!!)
I would not recommend that anyone else try tubing this section of river.

link to video in case the embed is not working

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