Monday, December 01, 2008

Mad Boy on the water with normal paddlers

not that Corran and the pros in Italy haven't entertained us with their "WTF were you thinking?" antics while designing the boat. But, the Mad Boy was designed for mere mortals, average paddlers (and I'm hoping for those who used to paddle alot but are not quite up to the same level they used to be... just like me) You know... the people who get out every weekend with no external rewards, just the pure joy of being outside and being on the water with good people. Good people like Rob, Wade, and Jeff.

Enjoy these pics from running the T'VILLE dam at about 2.5

Rob is in the yellow MAD BOY.

Wade is in an orange JEFE.

Jeff is in an orange REACTION

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SomeBooksWeveRead said...

Looks like such a fun adventure. I could see my son wanting to do something like that.

Maybe one day