Thursday, December 18, 2008

Creeking Saw

wait. WHAT?!? A creeking saw?

Throwrope, knife, rescue vest, elbow pads, break-apart paddle, and now a SAW?

How much stuff do I have to carry with me?

That depends what you want to do.

A 10" folding saw won't take out a huge strainer across the river, particularly while the creek is raging. But, it will allow you to do quick debris cleanups, and perhaps even let you get out on that big tree and clear up enough branches that you can run the drop. The decision is ultimately yours to make.

Many strainers are not monster trees, but branches that floated down stream and block the line. And, there may be smaller pieces of wood that can be avoided, but would be nice to remove for the sake of less skilled paddlers (and in case you make a mistake some day).

Think of it this way. If you can avoid having to hike back into the river when the level has dropped and take care of the offending lumber immediately, why not?
We took care of this little strainer in about 10 minutes and opened up the regular line again.

A folding pruning saw (found this one in the yard cleanup section at Lowes) is small enough to be stored in a boat or backpack. Eco-friendly because it does not burn gas and oil. And, it's quiet, so you don't disturb the neighbors with that noisy chainsaw.

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