Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The DragoRossi Container has Arrived

it mostly contains SL350 plastic slalom boats and Mad Boys, with a few retro Reactions molded from new plastic.

on the far end of the photos you'll see a Green/Yellow fade Reaction (Lime) and a Blue/White fade slalom boat (ice)
those colors are a bit different from the usual Dragorossi colors, and make for some very unique looking boats.
The regular blue (not dark, not light) slalom boat was a bit of a suprise when I unloaded the container. It's a beautiful color.
Anyone who chose "ice" blue can drop me an email and let me know if they want that blue/white fade, or this new regular blue color.

I loaded my truck before taking these pictures, and am leaving for the first local, southern New England deliveries as soon as I post this.

Most of these boats are already sold, but there should be a small container of Mad Boy, Reaction, and SL350 left for customers who missed the first opportunity to get some new plastic from Dragorossi.

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