Monday, April 06, 2009

a quick way to help reverse the tide of shady politics in the river

The West River releases have been reduced in number over the past couple of years
using suspect data to justify the reduction
to favor one narrow interest group

Now, the releases are moved to mid-week, so that they (technically) still exist
but they can only be enjoyed by the unemployed or few locals

In my opinion, this is the latest step towards eventually getting rid of the releases all together.
I'm sure that after a couple of years of scheduling releases when nobody can attend (mid-week)
the special interest group that would have the river all to themselves (out of town fly fisherman) will eventually start to argue that whitewater releases are not used, thus should be cancelled completely.

Sign this petition (takes less than a minute)
and help reverse the trend,
returning the West River to a true multi-use natural resource

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