Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reaction outfitting

Three standard safety loop / grab loops; one on each end, and one just behind the cockpit for swimmer assistance.

Adjustable thigh hooks (with the included 4mm allen key) ,a ratcheting backband, and a moveable rotomolded seat with minicel foam on the center line to create a continuous beam between the bow and stern pillars.

Velcro pieces on the seat to accept the new adjustable hip pads, which are also found on the Mad Boy
(click the link to see how they work)

Four way adjustable bulkhead, allows you to expand or contract the footplate to fill in the gaps and have a bulkhead that feel like it was custom made for your inseam length.

A fun retro design in modern/new plastic, which I've been comparing (for fun) to the old school boats

Reaction vs Transition
Reaction vs Critical Mass
Reaction vs Vortex
Reaction vs Dancers
Reaction vs Lazer
Reaction vs AQII

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