Wednesday, May 09, 2007

IR reggie backband in a Thruster

you have to get a little creative here, but then it's an easy install.
Just remove the stopper block from the ratchet ladder. Add the extender strap to the ratchet, then add the stopper blocks to the extender strap to make a super long strap/ratchet

(it sounds confusing, but just look at the photos carefully and you'll see it)
then you feed the entire thing from front to back, between the seat and the rail, between the two spacers, and lead it up, to the back of the seat.

that's where you will thread it through the ratchets on the back of the backband and crank it up to hold it in place

pop two holes in a safe part of the cockpit rim and install the bungee cords (here is where you might be voiding your kayak warranty, so be careful to not drill through the important part of the cockpit rim,and I recommend documenting the entire process)

this is not the only way to do it. It looks like all the IR backbands come with a few different installation instructions that give you a few options. I just put the Reggie into this Thruster and found that it worked really well.


Manat said...

Looks great. Where did you find the extender? I have two Reggie backbands; they work fine as is for one of my kayaks, but about 6 inches too short for my old Dagger.

ScottBarnes said...

the extention came with the backband. I have some extras and would be happy to send you them. Drop me an email at