Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Stairway rapid

Ted DeVoe, Housatonic local, often runs the most difficult lines on the Bulls Bridge section.

Here is a sequence of "Stairway..." rapid at a lower level that entices the uninitiated, punishes ignorance, and excites the locals

there is just something about his rapid, especially this first drop, that is odd

no other water acts like this. It looks normal, but just punishes those who are not on their game (I hate to admit it, but I've been among the punished)

the idea is to do a mini S turn through the first small 2' drop, then set up for the main drop and line up a boof off the right blade to get over the first curler

then immediately crank a boof off the left blade to get you pointed in the right direction, giving you momentum away from the flow that pushes you into mushroom rock

another angle of the bottom of the main drop. you can pencil in, but it's unpredictable how the hole will kick, so a boof is the best option

land flat and straight (as Ted did in the Gangster he was borrowing) and start heading right to get around mushroom rock. If you angle too much, you'll flip or get turned the wrong way. Hit straight, then immediately scramble right.

smooth sailing at this point. you have enough momentum to hit the eddy against the river right wall, or you can slingshot to the right of mushroom rock and head towards little niagra a low water (level shown)

at high water you want to keep going right down the main channel, through some curlers and a hole, threading the needle between two holes at the bottom (the one in the center is the worst one on the entire river)

but at low water you can run the slot in little niagra and be set up for the last little ledge.

Ted recently bought a Fish, had tried a Mafia, and wanted to demo a Gangster. He said he prefers the Gangster over the Mafia and will probably get one once his Magnum breaks again. I'll be happy to sell him another boat that he will be happy with.

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