Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stairway Rapid at Bulls Bridge

Three things to keep in mind
1. Ted is a local who has been running this rapid for more than 12 years.
2. The potholes make the water act really funny
3. The level here is kind of low

the first drop has a tricky set up

the hole is a bit sticky if you don't get your nose up, but worse is the reactionary wave coming off the left shore

All the flow slams up against that poorly pillowed rock, so it's important to roll up quick and move around it. At higher levels it's a nasty pourover.

another view of the first drop. It can be treated as two mini boofs, one off the right blade then quickly another one off the left blade.

This is the second main drop called "little niagra" which, at low water, is run through the slot on the left. At high water this is not an option, and you must run down the right, through a breaking wave/hole, then move quickly either left or right to avoid the nastiest hole on the river.

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