Monday, July 16, 2007

Smooth Ledge, Rapid River, Maine

I met up with a couple of my friends in Errol, NH on Friday night and we hiked into Smooth Ledge on the Rapid River in Maine on Saturday.

It's a nice place for park and play with a long runout, warm water, and smooth rock ledges to sun, socialize, and generally hang out for the day.

Here's Jeff Marquis sliding into Smooth Ledge for a bit of surfing action.

Look at Pat "mayor" Taft ripping it up with his hand paddles.

Smooth Ledge is a really friendly hole at 1300 with a good shoulder for surfing and a nice pocket for throwing down.

We ran into alot of local rippers, including Maine-native Chuck Mathieu.

I did put the camera down and jump into my boat for a few sessions too.

When the spot got a little crowded around lunch time we took inspiration from the cruisers and made the easy hike up a dirt road to the top of the three pitches. (then of course we went right back to surfing one of the best park and play features in the New England)

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