Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mafia Gangster CriticalMass

Critical Mass (left) Gangser/Idra (center) Mafia (right)

just a quck cut and paste image so you guys can see the subtle differences between these three excellent creeking options. Everything was kept to scale in this image; to be as accurate as possible. Still nothing beats seeing them up close and personal. If you have a chance to paddle one, I would strongly recommend it. With so many options, you're very likely to enjoy one of these boats.


Rob said...

hey scott
is that how you are getting new DR boats to sell???stacking them up and leaving them alone for a couple of hours????
nice...sent a couple of people your way the other day..hope they make it to you

ScottBarnes said...

come on down. we have PILES of boats! ha ha ha

I'm not exactly leaving them alone. Kind of spending too much time with them. Ah the smell of new plastic....