Friday, March 16, 2007

Pintail XL details

this is a photo of the new Pintail XL with the base model Performance set up that starts at $799
it also comes with bow and stern grab loops
this is the first boat I unwrapped from the container. It weighs 31 lbs

here you will notice that it comes with the new roto molded performance seat, bow and stern foam pillars

here you will notice that the seat back comes up to start providing a little bit of support. some people will glue foam onto this spot to create a testarossa style race seat, while others will buy a back band to install.

here are closeups of the stock bow and stern grabloops that are included with the basic performance Pintail XL for $799

all of the photos above are of the standard basic peforma set up of the

DragoRossi Pintail XL $799 at



some fun

perfect length



below are some of the options that can be bought for the Pintail XL

a simple backband kit can be bought to add to your peforma system

you can also buy the freestyle/riverrunner foot sled for great adjustable foot comfort (or you can just add minicell foam to the bow)

here is the adjustable foot sled installed

here is the backband installed

you can also buy the side grabloops. they make great tie down and attachment points, as well as an easy way to grab the boat on the side of the river, and easy carrying handles.

and of course you can install a drainplug. Some people prefer a drainplug, while others prefer not to have one. The choice is yours.

Below are some images of the Pintail vs. the Pintail XL.
The Pintail XL is in orange. You will notice the higher knee/cockpit area, and a bit more foot room. The stern is a touch larger as well.

here is a quick and dirty cut and paste overlay comparing the two boats. I cut out the red (standard) Pintail, made it gray, and pasted it over the white sillouette of the Pintail XL. The small images don't quite do it justice. It's much different in person. But at least here you get an idea of where the increase in volume/room is on the Pintail XL.

"regular" Pintail in red on the left and Pintail XL on the right in orange. Here is the best shot I have, to date, of the size difference between these two boats.

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