Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thruster details

Performance Details

here is the DragoRossi Thruster with basic Performance set up, freshly unwrapped, weighing in at 33 lbs. This is what you get for the $799 price.

stern grab loop included

lots of room for stern access, even with a slightly elevated seat back. Lots of room to glue extra foam for back support

bow grabloop included too

alot of space up front for big legs and feet

DragoRossi Thruster $799 at








there are many accessories that can be bought, in addition to the Performance seat system

DragoRossi makes a simple ratchet backband that is easy to install.
many other brands can be installed in minutes too.

here is the DragoRossi foot sled. it relieves pressure on your toes and allows you to have an adjustable foot system that you can crank up when you need it, and loosen it up for the mellow sections.

of course some people just prefer a foam bulkhead. That works well to.

which ever system you prefer, the first step will be to remove the set screw from the bow of the boat,the one that holds the foam pillar in place

then you can remove the bow pillar and install your footblock, heel sled, airbag, foam block, whatever you are going to use

remember to put the foam pillar back,and insert the screw again; then you'll be all set!

buy and install the thigh wings for increased control and performance. Installation is very simple

you can purchase the side grabloops and install them to provide additional attachment points

buy and install a drainplug


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