Friday, March 23, 2007

Stinger details

here are photos of one of the Stingers with the performance outfitting that came off the container of boats recently received here in the U.S. (available for $799 through 100waves)

it's worth taking a moment to notice some of the thoughtful details in this performance seat.

a place in front for a water bottle or throw rope is always a nice feature. But also take a look at the two screw inserts at the front of the seat. You can install the DragoRossi thigh wing system in very little time. It's actually easier to install and maintain this performance version than in the elite version.

Another feature to note is the molded-in attachement points on the side of the seats. Look at the top, of the side of the seat and you'll see a round hole. This acts as an easy attachement point for several brands of back bands. No need for drilling or any fancy boat work. If you use the DragoRossi performance backband, all you need to do is thread the webbing through the holes, and attatch the ratchet straps to ratchets. There are set screws on the side of the seat that allow you to easily attach the ratchets.

Included in the $799 U.S. price are bow and stern grabloops. (the ones on the side can be bought separately)

this is just a nice photo that shows the suprising amount of leg room in the Stinger.

DragoRossi Stinger $799 at









below you can see the nice smooth rocker of the Stinger that allows you to keep the bow on top of the water and make infinite minute adjustments to your lean. (it also bounces when you want it to,and stays flat when you want it to stay flat)

between these two pictures you should be able to get a good idea of how much foot room is in this boat.

notice that the planing surface on this hull extends all the way from front to back, and not just on a single flat spot in the middle. This allows the water to "see" the entire length of the boat.

one thing that is often not discussed enough are the fins. You only have to put the fins in when you want them there for the added control that they allow. Isn't it nice to have the option? There are several people who just carry their fins in the back of their boat with a little allen key stuck into the foam pillar. When they reach a great playspot,the fins get attached. Then, the fins can be removed to continue downstream, and they will be out of the way so you can boof and splat all the rocks you want.

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