Thursday, March 15, 2007

Critical Mass details

This green boat is the standard basic Performa outfitted Critical Mass for $799

you get triple safe stern grabloop system already installed

the hatch cover is rivetted down to the stern of the boat. There is solid plastic underneath it because the stern access area is not cut out. Double plastic. And, it looks cool

bow grabloops is included and installed with the $799 price.

this photo should give you a good idea of how much stern access there is behind that high back seat.

here's the Performa seat, and you can see the bow foam pillar.

all this in the green

DragoRossi Critical Mass $799 at




first impressions






below you can see some of the options that can be bought and added to the Performa boats.

Add the side grabloops that provide three more attachement points each. Choose to add a drainplug. If you get really ambitious you could remove the hatch cover, cut out the hatch, and create easy access to the stern.

Here you can add a safety ring just in front of the cockpit for an extra attachment point.

Add a bulkhead and a bowring.

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