Thursday, March 22, 2007

Squashtail details

these first few pictures show what is included for the base model Performa series Squashtail. Available at for $799

notice the grabloops on the side. They are included in the basic low price that you get.

the Performa seat had added a little bit more room up front.
Notice the areas where you can screw in the thigh wings to the seat, the place to drill out a drainplug, and the area that allows you to attach a third grabloop, right behind the cockpit. (we'll talk more about how to buy those options further down this page)

I took this photo not just because the Squashtail is a really cool looking boat from this angle. It shows how the knee area has been increased a little bit. Just enough to make more people comfortable in the boat. It also means that feet don't have to go as far into the boat, so there is more foot room. AND, the foot area has been increase a slight bit.

An unintended bonus from this added knee area is that the Squashtail now loops easier. The boat was not designed with this purpose in mind, but it does it quite well, especially in small holes.

since the Squashtail is a surfing machine, I thought it was cool to have a surfboard-like photo of the hull. Pretty cool.

That does it for the base model Performa set up. Now, let's move on and think about the things that can be added to the boat. (be sure to click on the links for more info and lots of pretty pictures)

DragoRossi Squashtail $799 at



reg/big squash comparison

hole play








below you will notice a photo of two boats. The one on the left is the basic Performa set up Squashtail. The one on the right is an older Elite set up Squashtail.
you'll be able to see (on the left) the higher cockpit rim in the front, the slightly wider and higher knee area, and the little bit of extra room at the front of the seat.

of course you see the drainplug on the boat on the right. That can be added to your Performa boat for about $11, or you can just go without it and have fewer holes in your boat. The choice is yours. (I like the drainplug. I have a friend who doesn't)

in this photo, the older boat (Elite outfitting) is on the left and the new boat (Performa outfitting) is on the right. Notice the concave area along the stripe. It's not quite as big on the newer boat. That is because there is more foot room.

Oh, am I'm sure you picked up on the backband. Yes, you can buy a backband and add it to your Performa Boat. The seat has attachment points that make adding a backband very easy. The DragoRossi Performa backband cost about $45. That's about the same price as many other brands. So choose your favorite. Add it to the boat in minutes,and you're on your way!

(of course, some people have an old backband lying around. Imagine that. It's like a free backband. Others will choose to glue a few blocks of minicell foam and create a custom seat back that is similar to the Testarossa/Race seat)

Ah yes. This third grabloops was not available when the Squashtail was first released. You notice that it's not on the old boat (in the background). It's not a vital piece of equipment because you already have the two on the side. But, it does make a nice attachment point when you are tying your boat down. Or, it's yet another place for your buddy to grab onto your boat when you loan it to him and are teaching him how to kayak.

there are many accessories that can be bought, in addition to the Performa seat system

DragoRossi makes a simple ratchet backband that is easy to install.
many other brands can be installed in minutes too.

here is the DragoRossi foot sled. it relieves pressure on your toes and allows you to have an adjustable foot system that you can crank up when you need it, and loosen it up for the mellow sections.

of course some people just prefer a foam bulkhead. That works well to.

which ever system you prefer, the first step will be to remove the set screw from the bow of the boat,the one that holds the foam pillar in place

then you can remove the bow pillar and install your footblock, heel sled, airbag, foam block, whatever you are going to use

remember to put the foam pillar back,and insert the screw again; then you'll be all set!

buy and install the thigh wings for increased control and performance. Installation is very simple


video of a small playspot

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